Things people realize only after a breakup

People are always getting in and out of relationships, it is not just about the emptiness the separation causes but the pain that accompanies it. But hope, they say, springs eternal! So check out revelations people have only after a breakup.
You will definitely move on
Breakups hurt a lot and in some cases, people go through some emotional trauma especially when they’ve invested a lot into that broken relationship. However, there will definitely come a time when you just have to move on with your life. If you’ve been thinking you’d never be able to get over a man, just wait till you break up (God forbid!) then you’d realize that reality differs from expectations by a long stretch.

Because you’ve been busy sacrificing your interests and making compromises just for your partner, a breakup from that relationship liberates you to do what suits your fancy. Before you know it you’re all set for an adventurous journey to self-discovery.

To find Mr. Right, you need to let go of that bad egg
Most people in toxic relationships go on and on about how desperate they are to locate the ONE for them but what they fail to realize is that they need first to get out of that destructive relationship. This realization only comes to them much later after suffering a bitter and traumatic breakup.

Being in a relationship sometimes is overrated
One of the major reasons why people are reluctant to get out of abusive relationships is the fact that they are afraid of being all by themselves. Being single is not a disease and it does not mar your character in any way, it only means that you prefer being alone than in a relationship with the wrong person. And the perks of being single are that you get to be in control of your own time, have endless me-times and explore 

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