Signs of an extreme attention-seeker (i)

We all want to be seen and heard but some people take this desire to the next level.
They always want to be the center of attention and go the extra mile to make everyone focus on them. It is irritating but I hope you are not one too.  These surefire signs will tell you if you are an extreme attention seeker.
1. Behavior during group photos
When everyone is posing for a group photo, you struggle to get in front so that you are visible. If you don't make it, you believe the photo is ugly.
2. You post misleading stuff on social media
You like to write vague things about your feelings and would not bother clarifying until lots of people begin asking if you are okay.
3. You love to flaunt yourself on social media
From posting about what a wild, fun life you have to pictures of you showing off your body. You love to make everyone else envious.
4. You want everyone to bend to your whim
When you go somewhere in a group, you like being the Queen Bee who decides where you guys should go, where to sit etc. and if everyone else doesn't defer to you, you sulk.
5. You post personal issues online
Anyone who follows you on social media knows almost everything about you. You are usually posting about a breakup, how in love you are or how you are on a mission to cut toxic people off.
6. You love VIP treatment
Whenever you are somewhere, you expect to be the center of attention and if you are not, you decide that everyone else there is lame.
7. You seek pity
You like to play the victim card, trying to exaggerate how the person hurt you while you are Miss Goody Two Shoes.
A truly nasty behavior but stay put for more signs coming right up.

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