One of my goals in life is to have sex with Wizkid – Nigerian lady announces

A certain nice looking Nigerian lady identified as Real Okoye Uche has taken to the internet to cause a frenzy with an announcement that she has many goals in life, one of them being to have sex with Nigerian superstar singer, Wizkid.
Her obsession for the singer seems to have grown beyond her power to handle and it cannot really be said how long she has harboured this goal in her mind. The sudden outburst is certainly not consequent upon a quick and recent feeling. It must have been planted in her mind long ago and just found expression. She’s been tagged unbelievable.
Being so serious about fulfilling her goal but getting nowhere close to having it fulfilled on her own, she decided to make it public in hope that the singer will get to see and possibly indulge her. Or perhaps, she’s hoping that his fans will help facilitate the fulfillment of her goal by pressuring Wiz into getting her laid. But thus far, all she’s gotten are bashes.
\ However, the international starboy might be tempted to get adventurous when he learns of this, as the girl in question is no usual girl but thought-provokingly hot in every sense of it. Some even think she’s too pretty for such bullshit.