Important boundaries to set in a new relationship

I don't think a relationship should be governed by rules but then when it is new, it may be important to set some boundaries because you are still getting to know each other. In this way, you don't hurt each other. 
What then are some of the basic boundaries to set when in a new relationship?
1. Personal space
An ideal relationship should allow both of you to have time for yourselves, pursue your personal interests and build other relationships. 
2. How to communicate 
You must discuss how you will handle conflict and express your emotions to each other in a respectful manner, e.g you will never yell at each other; you have a safe word etc. 
3. Intimacy 
Be upfront about your expectations on intimacy, whether or not you will have sex. Don't assume anything and be honest about what you are comfortable with. 
4. The future 
This goes beyond whether or not you two will be a serious couple, though this is important too. What I mean is that you should open up about your aspirations and goals so you can see where you can be flexible and plan a life together. 
5. Your preferences 
Share your pet peeves and proclivities. For example, do you mind PDA? Do you hate certain gestures? How do you like to be appeased when offended? 
6. How to use social media
Due to how immersive social media has become, you should factor it into the relationship. Would you post pictures of each other on a date? Would you change your Facebook relationship status? 
7. What you won't do
Be clear on what your values and beliefs will not allow you do so you both know what to expect from each other early on in the relationship.

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