How to use social media as someone in a relationship (i)

It is weird that we are even talking about this in the first place. However, social media has become such an integral part of our lives that it can cause a fight between couples.
How then do you use social media efficiently while keeping the sanity of your relationship?

1. Talk about your status 
It may seem mundane but whether or not you are the couple that changes, relationship status is something you should talk about. He may not be into it so let it be and remember
that you don't need social media to validate your relationship.

2. Posting pictures with 'questionable characters'
What I mean by 'questionable characters' are exes or people that have shown interest in you at some point. Be sure that your boyfriend does not mind that you still have pictures you took with such people on your wall. If he is not comfortable, you should take them down.

3. Posting awkward pictures
It is one thing that you find a particular picture hilarious but another thing to post it for the world to see. It might be embarrassing so seek his permission first before posting pictures of him sleeping with his mouth open or wolfing down food, etc.

4. Internet PDA 
We get it--you are madly in love but you two don't need to make a public spectacle of it.
An occasional post about how great your partner is is good but we don't want to see it always. That's immature.

5. Sharing private details 
Maybe your partner did something to piss you off, you should definitely not post it on social media. Why would you even do that?
Stick around; things are going to get more exciting. I have more guidelines to share.

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