How to stop being a serial liar

Believing that lying is a normal human trait could set you on the path of becoming a serial liar—someone who lies without thinking. 
People may have discovered that you lie a lot or perhaps, you find that you can't stop; then these tips should help. 
1. Accept it as a problem 
The problem started when you began justifying and normalizing your lies. Therefore, go back to that point so that you begin to see it as abnormal and unacceptable. 
2. Think before you speak
Lying may have become second in nature, so take time to weigh what you are about to say, pick out every element of a lie (no matter how small) and then speak. Better to be slow than to be a liar. 
3. Think of how it will make the person feel
Perhaps you have thought about it and you assume one little white lie won't hurt but put yourself in that person's shoes. How would he/she feel to discover you lied when you could have told the truth? 
4. Take responsibility for your actions 
If you did something wrong then be ready to accept the consequences rather than lie to get out of it. It shows you are mature. More so, the consequences we fear end up not playing out sometimes. 
5. Have a strong moral compass 
Lay down principles about telling the truth. Be critical with yourself and resolve that no matter what, you will never tell a lie. 
6. Believe in yourself 
Tell yourself that you are enough. You may not be perfect but you are enough. It is because you don't wholly accept yourself that you lie about certain things.
7. Talk to someone 
This may be a trusted friend or a counsellor. The point is that there is someone holding you accountable and supporting you through the journey.