How to get rid of a hickey (love bite)

Except you want to go around bearing the tell-tale signs of a passionate romp in the sack, you might want to check these fast and easy ways of getting off that hickey just sitting on your neck.
Cold spoon treatment
If the hickey on your neck or shoulders is a little bit swollen, place a spoon in your refrigerator for 5-10 minutes then place it gently on the swollen areas to reduce redness and minimize swelling.

Banana peels
After supplementing your ravished body with the fibrous content of banana fruit, don’t toss out the peels just yet because they are highly beneficial in helping to diminish the appearance of love bites due to their cooling effects on the skin. Just place the banana peels on your skin for some minutes and repeat the procedure regularly.

Aloe Vera Gel 
If you want to get rid of love bites in record time, applying Aloe Vera gel onto the affected skin areas might just do the trick. Remember, aloe gel is actually notorious as a natural moisturizer having skin healing properties.

Mask it 
If those unsightly vampire bites all over your skin do not appear to be going away anytime soon, then you can consider concealing it with heavy makeup or wearing full-coverage clothes that you would keep your blazing hot sex life hidden under wraps from nosy neighbors and friends.

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