How to get rid of envy and jealousy

They say women are more prone to envy and jealousy but I believe they are natural human emotions that everyone battles with. However, it is extremely negative and should be nipped in the bud.
Envy and jealousy can sow seeds of hatred between friends and among family members. It keeps you counting someone else’s blessings rather than yours. How can you be rid of their shackles?
1. Understand that we all have different races
Jealousy and envy come into play when we believe we have a basis for comparison. For example, if it is your friend or a colleague, you believe you two are ‘mates’. However, understand that though you two share commonalities, your life journeys are completely different so there really is no basis for comparison.
2. Celebrate your achievements
Whenever you feel overwhelmed by envy or jealousy, remember that you have got certain things going for you too. Focus on those accomplishments and celebrate them. The funny way life works are that as you are jealous of someone, there is another person out there who is also jealous of you. 
3. Refocus
They say that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. You are probably so bothered by another person’s success because your mind is idle. Refocus and throw yourself into something productive. If you feel like you are lagging behind your contemporaries then become more driven.
4. Remember the cycle of life
Right now, you are wishing someone’s success was yours but hello! You don’t know how hard the person toiled to get there. What you see now may be the result of years of sleeplessness so, at one point, the person experienced lows and now he/she is experiencing a high.
5. Build your self-esteem
You are troubled by jealousy and envy because you think you are not good enough. However, if you worked on your self-confidence then you’ll convince yourself that you can achieve anything. 

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