How to be a supportive girlfriend even when he doesn’t open up

One of the basic reasons for being in a relationship is to be emotionally supportive of each other. However, you may experience times when he does not open up to you. It would be obvious that something is wrong yet he either insists that there’s nothing or says that he does not want to talk about it. Of course, this would leave you frustrated but does that mean you give up in a fit of anger? What should you do? 
1. Don’t make it about you
Your first instinct is to assume that he is doing it deliberately because you did something wrong. Other ladies might go as far as believing that he is cheating. That might not be the case. If you asked repeatedly what’s wrong without making headway then perhaps he is facing challenges in other aspects of his life like work, family etc.
2. Make excuses for him
His current behaviour is new to you and you may be tempted to get angry but don’t. There are times when something was wrong and you couldn’t articulate it either, right? Therefore, put yourself in his shoes and don’t take his attitude to heart. 
3. Show that you care
At that point, what he needs to remember is that you will always be there for him, lending quiet support if that is what he needs. Remind him of this in gentlest way you can.
4. Don’t badger
Don’t keep asking what is wrong and pressuring him to tell you, that might drive him farther away. Rather, give him a bit of space to come into his own feelings and open up when he can.
5. Listen
When you talk, listen in between the lines to what he might not be saying but trying to say. Give him free rein to express himself in any way he can and just be there, listening.
Eventually, he will come around.

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