Household habits costing you money

Another new year has rolled in just like that and if there is anything we all just get right this time, it should be our cash flow!
Now, if you’ve always been wondering how to save up extra cash you should check out these household habits costing you money and do the needful ASAP!
Doing your laundry every minute
If you follow the rule of ‘no dirty laundry stays overnight in the laundry basket’ you might be doing yourself some good but on the other hand, think about all that water and detergent you’d be using daily. Waiting until you have a full load might be the thing to do in order to cut back excesses.

Throwing away water from your laundry or bath
The excess water from your dirty laundry or bath can also serve more useful purposes like flushing the toilet or watering the garden (if you have one). As soon as you get the gist that nothing should get wasted, then you’ll discover more uses for things you’d generally classify as trash in the past.

Letting food go to waste
Considering the cost of foodstuff out there plus the growing number of starving families; letting food spoil should be considered as something close to a crime. Prevent food wastage by buying food produce you actually need and ensuring you don’t cook more than your family can consume.

Drinking bottled water
This one here is a shocker! Who would have thought that a simple innocent act of favoring bottled water over sachet water or treated water could mess up one’s credit balance?! Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, so far treated water it is!
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