Girlfriend habits that most men find annoying (i)

You may think that you are sane and level-headed but you would be shocked to realize that you have certain habits that make your man cringe in annoyance but he has not had the heart to tell you. Well,  I am here to relieve him of that pressure and tell him to quit being so annoying, even though we all fall into this potholes every now and then. 
1. Starting to say something and then giving up
If you have made a habit of acting like you are about to say something then giving up midway then I bet your boyfriend is not only annoyed but frustrated. Doing that often, even after he has repeatedly asked you what you wanted to say, leaves him wondering what you wanted to say and he would be worried that you are bottling things up. 
2. When you are too clingy or too independent
If you are too clingy, you deny him the space that he needs to himself and if you are too independent then you make him feel like you don’t need him; as you have got it all figured out. Of course, this might seem weird to you, especially the latter but a guy likes to know that you depend on him for certain things, not in a needy way though.
3. You ask insecure questions about your body
A random question about your looks is fine but always asking if you look fat, if he is comfortable with your small boobs or if he wishes you had longer hair is enough to drive any man off the edge. He needs you to be comfortable in your skin. 
4. When you are always in his space
Most men are very particular about their personal space. This means that if he is immersed in work, video game or sports then let him be.
I’ll share some more annoying habits.