Fashion mistakes every petite girl should avoid

Short does not really mean you are dwarfish or dowdy! It all depends on what you’re wearing! 
You’re cute just the way you are structured and you can bring to your life your inner diva regardless of what your tape measure reads, all you need to do is avoid these fashion mistakes like the plague.
Oversized sweaters
Baggy T-shirt or sweaters are just perfect to snuggle in and you might just be able to strike a cute pose in one. However, the downside to it is that you end up looking like a little doll wrapped round with a pool of thread and that is no way to make a fashion statement. If you really want to go for oversized sweaters, then you should pair it up with a belt to accentuate your shape.

Large bags
You should get the gist by now that anything larger than you are is a NO-NO including huge bags! Nothing against large bags but if you are petite, you don’t want to make them your favorite ’cause you end up looking like a little doll lugging around a bag competing with her height.

Long dresses
Avoid too long outfits because they have a way of making you appear closer to the earth than you really are. Long tops or dresses should not make it to your closet at all; only wear dresses whose hemline stops above or just on the knee and team it up with heels not round flat shoes, please!

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