Checkout crazy facts about kissing you never knew

Kissing is an integral part of your make-out session with your partner. However, kissing is way deeper than we all thought. 
Sure, kissing sounds gross since it literally involves the free flow of saliva and other yucky stuff from one person’s mouth to another, but everyone seems to enjoy doing it like all the time! But that’s not even the craziest thing about kissing. Just continue reading to check out unbelievable facts about kissing and why you should take it like every minute dose!
You exert pressure on your muscles 
Kissing, smooching, pecking, and every mouth-to-mouth business makes use of 146 muscles just to ensure you get that perfect pout! Since you use your facial muscles in kissing too, you also get in some intense facial workout.
People study the act and science of kissing
FYI, some persons have made a decent career for themselves by studying philematology, i.e. kissing! Then they obtain the title of Osculologist, I’m sure that does not ring a bell.
Italians are great kissers
You don’t say! Research shows that only over a little over half of the world’s lovers kiss passionately! And Italians come up as first class kissers! Coaching classes anyone?!
Kissing kicks up your health counts
Get your calories melting away, give your immune system a boost and prevent cavities by kissing your man two to three times per minute (doctor’s prescription!) This here is new! Swapping saliva now saves lives too. Really deep!
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