Bra Tricks Ladies Should know

A brassiere, or bra, as it is commonly called tops the list as one of the choicest underwear in a lady’s wardrobe. While you’ve been probably used to wearing a bra all your life, there are some little tricks you need to know to make your lingerie game easier.
Get comfy with a strapless dress
If getting off your bra straps don’t do the trick especially when you need to wear a backless gown, simply cut off the cups of your bra and sew it right on the bodice of your dress.

To give your boobs a lift
If you are wearing a bra that does not support your breasts fully or the straps a little stretched out, you might want to cross the straps at the back.

Spruce up a lace bra
One might think lacy lingerie don’t need any other extra touches since they are exquisite and all, however, you might need to make some adjustments if your lace bra is not giving your boobs any lift or volume. All you need to do is cut out the cup of an old bra and sew or tape it into your bra for a good push up.
Use Velcro
Not for your bra now but for those gaps in your bodice. If you happen to be busty, this tip is just for you! Invest some inches of Velcro to get the edges of your shirt sticking together, keeping your boobies all secured from roving eyes.

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