Are you sapiosexual?

There are some of us who are attracted to men beyond their great hair, chiseled bodies or deep baritone voices. 
Oh yes, it is possible to be completely attracted to someone because of his intelligence and that is what it means to be sapiosexual. Let us run through the signs and see if you are like that.
1. Best first date? Talking smart
Your notion of the perfect first date may be to talk about life and its conundrums. Whatever else you may do like walk at a park, go to a restaurant, etc. barely matters.
2. You enjoy banter
You love going back and forth with this particular guy, throwing jabs at each other. It is not just fun but it kinda turns you on.
3. You get impressed when a guy can hold a room spellbound by his wit
It is beyond how dashing he looks. You want a man who can make heads turn because he said something smart; someone that will get people asking, “Who just said that?”
4. You get peeved at poor communication skills
When someone texts with crappy shorthand like, ‘u’, ‘xup?’, ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ or ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’, it gets to you.
5. You seek a person who is really smart
Sapiosexuals tend to understand the fact that one might not do excellently at school but they may have something to offer, by their perspectives or analysis of a matter.
6. You are not into fads
You are not all about celebrity gossip, who is doing what or what the latest trend is. You prefer to be your own person, setting your own pace.
7. You find questions interesting
One fun activity for you is analysing issues. If you meet a guy that questions stuff, you don’t find it cool and endearing.
Do understand that being sapiosexual does not mean you’re a dork. You just have different values but may still be interested in some trends.

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