7 things you should never say to your man

While most guys might be easygoing, this does not mean you should take it for granted.
Therefore, here are a few things you should never say to your man.
1. "My ex used to do... for me"
No man wants to be compared to your ex. The fact that your ex used to do a particular thing for you or was more romantic does not mean you have to throw it in his face. 
2. "How dumb can you be?"
You should never insult your man in any way and definitely not yell at him. He deserves your utmost respect as you deserve his. 

3. "Can you introduce me to that guy?"
If you come across his friend, you should wait till you are introduced and not be so forward, especially in an over-enthusiastic manner. It may come off as flirtatious and will leave your man feeling insulted. 
4. "You're so petty/immature"
Even if you want to correct him, you don't have to bruise his ego. Be gentle in your approach. 
5. "You're a failure/ you never do anything right"
This is one of the worst things you can say to anyone and it may spell the end of your relationship. 

6. "I don't need your help/ Don't worry, I have got it"
A man likes to know how he can step in to help his woman. Saying this denies him that opportunity. Allowing him to help you does not mean you are incapable. It just shows you are a team. 

7. "You are the worst man I have ever been with"
Definitely, there is no coming back from this. If you know you are still interested in the relationship then you should never say this. Even if you want to leave him, this is not the way to go about it.

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