Wizkid is better than Fela Kuti – Nigerian man asserts on Twitter

  Talks of how Wizkid has done better than the late Fela Kuti was believed to have died down after it was supposedly concluded that Wizkid is nothing like Fela. But a certain man who thinks otherwise had this to say on Twitter:

  “I’d rather listen to Wizkid than Fela. Maybe I’m an unsophisticated brute, but at least I’m not going to be driven to near-suicide by the grating, tone-deaf singing of a fake deep hack who coasts on the power of the background instrumentals. What has Fela done that matches Wizkid’s tun tun tun tun in Fever?

   Many of you who extol Fela’s prowess are manipulated by the unseen yet strong strings of nostalgia. Your father probably played Fela’s music on a lazy Saturday and listening to him now reminds you of idyllic times when life was simple. I get it. Some are enraptured by the man’s charm & charisma; his fierce and unyielding resistance to power.” 
    “But this is no substitute for talent. We are very prone to confusing history with excellence; the past with greatness. But we must wake from this lulled deceitful existence.” What would you say about this man’s opinion on both singers???

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