Why self-respect is important in a relationship

 I wrote an article recently on this blog about how self-confidence is important to making a relationship work. However, I figured it would be great if I expanded on that. 
You see, self-confidence is an offshoot of self-respect and self-respect is a reflection of your self-esteem. Are you following? Simply put, self-respect is the respect/honour you accord yourself. You give yourself honour because you see yourself as important and worthy of it (self-esteem) then it is based on this understanding that you will be able to assert your worth to other people (self-confidence).

 So, why is self-respect so important, particularly in your relationship? The truth is that when you have no value for yourself, it is near-impossible for anyone else to value you. 
Also, someone who respects herself tends to be assured of her worth and this helps you draw the line on what you will not condone in your relationship. For example, a woman

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