Why self-expression is important

 We are human beings and we need to learn how to express ourselves. Self-expression is important because it helps us figure out things and understand ourselves better. Self-expression helps us in contributing our own quota to the world because when you express yourself, you give other people permission to express themselves too and that is beautiful.
You don’t have to paint, draw, or write to express yourself. Self-expression comes in many ways such as dressing, art, music, dancing, and even things like cooking. We are all different and we express ourselves differently. And when we express ourselves, we get to let all the extra emotions out and it helps us grow better.
Self-expression is the easiest way to self-discovery. You can’t discover what you keep hiding. Saying your opinions and telling others your ideas is also self-expression. We need to encourage self-expression especially among our fellow women and most importantly among our teenage girls.
In a society that tries to make us believe that our expressions do not matter, it will be a revolutionary act to express ourselves.

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