What to do when your crush treats you like 'one of the guys'

One of the most annoying and painful things that could happen to anyone is to be friend-zoned.
It is embarrassing to admit that you two were just being friends and then you developed a romantic attachment to him. Don't worry; I got you covered. I believe the problem is the way he sees you, so how about we change that?
1. Get more girly
I don't believe you have to conform to the popular notion of what a girl should dress like but then when you don't look the part, you will hardly get picked to play the role. If you're the type that prefers comfort in sweatpants, baggy t-shirt, and flip-flops, occasional ditch for a proper dress. Just mix it up a little to show him you are a woman.
2. Act like a lady
Perhaps, you are used to sitting in the midst of your guy friends, eating together, laughing loudly, belching in between and setting a fart loose occasionally. Lady, get your act together. You can still be part of the guys and act like a lady. Excuse yourself when you have to pass gas.
3. Make him jealous
Talk about other guys, show genuine interest in them rather than sit around and wait for him to realize you exist. Either of two things may happen: he gets jealous and realizes you are the one for him or he doesn't and you find a great guy you really like.
4. Explore your feminine side
If you have female friends, hang out with them more often and have fun. They will help by either showing you how to get over him, healthily or how to win him with dignity. Also, spend less time with the guy. The scarcity may make his heart grow fonder.

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