What makes a good relationship last forever (i)

Ever seen a couple that has been married for 30 years yet still and happy in love? How about 50 years?  It seems magical and you are tempted to wonder how they pulled it off. 
I don't believe it is magic. The relationship definitely had its ups and downs but I think they applied the following principles.
1. Appreciation
They accepted each other for who they were and learnt to be thankful for each other and God for the chance they had to be together. They didn't take each other for granted. Appreciation could also show itself in little gestures of love like running errands for each other, getting gifts, saying 'thank you'.
2. Communication 
I believe the lines of communication should always be open even when you are mad at each other. It does no good to keep malice or ignore each other. Instead, being able to openly state your opinions and grievances is a way to keep your relationship alive. 
3. Trust
This is a big one but no relationship can stand the test of time without it. This is blind faith in your partner and ability to cast aside insecurity. 
4. Compromise 
Sacrifice is an integral part of love. You won't always get your way but couples that remain in love irrespective of time have learnt to put each other first.
5. Honesty
This is the ability to bare oneself to someone else even if it means being vulnerable. A relationship devoid of lies and pretense always lasts.
Watch this space for the continuation. You'll be glad you did. 

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