We need to stop glorifying suffering

    It is a well-known fact that good things take time and effort and a few struggles here and there. And it is also well known that people tend to value things more when they go through a lot in other to get it.

   But that doesn’t mean that we should base our worth on suffering. For example, we tend to think only women that suffer for the sake of men deserve good men. Or only women that suffer deserve good things in life and that leads to the glorification of suffering, especially suffering by women.
    There is no guarantee that suffering will make you happy or will force the universe to give us what we want. We just have to strike a balance between striving to get what we want and putting our lives and welfare in danger.
    Don’t put more on your basket than you can handle. Strive for success but know when to pause and the things that cause extra suffering that you need to avoid.
   And most of all put it in your mind that you don’t have to suffer to know you are a woman. You are a woman simply because you exist as one. 

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