Ways men can boost their sperm count

Infertility issues don’t just end with women; it extends also to the opposite sex.
An average man could end up having fertility problems if he has a case of low testosterone levels or low sperm motility. This could be caused by a lot of reasons ranging from diseases, unhealthy lifestyle choices, or genetics. 
Fertility issues, of course, reduce the chances of a man’s ability to make a woman conceive. But fortunately enough there are certain nutrients and lifestyle changes scientifically proven to boost fertility in men.
Reduce stress
Prolonged stress leads to the production of a stress hormone called cortisol in the body and high levels of this hormone tend to make testosterone levels go downhill. Therefore, it is essential to firstly work on relieving and managing stress since it could put a damper on sexual satisfaction and equally cause fertility issues.
Take vitamin supplements
Taking vitamin C supplements may help cure infertility issues in men caused by oxidative stress. Vitamin C fuels the body with antioxidants effective in alleviating major infertility triggers like oxidative stress and may help enhance sperm count and motility. Vitamin D is also another nutrient that may help improve your testosterone levels and greater sperm motility. Studies have shown that vitamin D supplements may prove effective in improving sperm count in vitamin D deficient men.
Get enough zinc
A deficiency in this mineral is also proven to cause infertility issues, poor sperm production, low testosterone levels in men. Taking zinc supplements which can be obtained from fish, eggs, meat, etc., may help in boosting testosterone levels and improving infertility issues especially in men with a deficiency in zinc.
Fenugreek supplements
The extracts gotten from fenugreek can also be used to enhance sexual libido, testosterone levels, sexual performance, and erectile function if taken regularly. However, note that only supplements containing fenugreek extract and minerals might prove effective and not the whole herb itself.

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