4 Tips to save dry chapped lip

If a moisturizing lip balm does not seem to be of any help in keeping your lips from getting dry and cracked this winter, you are just in luck because there are zillion other ways of saving your lips from the harsh weather using home-made remedies. 
Check out these ways of treating dry, chapped lips.
Honey and Vaseline
The healing properties of honey sidled up with the nourishing effects of Vaseline make this mixture an effective home remedy in healing chapped lips. Apply honey on your lips liberally then layer it up with a thin coat of Vaseline. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes then wipe off with a damp tissue.
Cucumber is a super hydrating ingredient that would work effectively in moisturizing and restoring a smooth sheen to dry, chapped lips. Rub a cucumber slice in circular motions on your lips, leave on the juice then rinse off your lips.
Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe gel is a soothing and healing natural ingredient that would provide a cooling and healing effect for your damaged lips. Scoop out the gel from a fresh aloe leaf and apply on your lips liberally.
Green tea bags
You could also try using green tea for its antioxidant properties; it will prove effective in healing chapped lips and alleviating burning sensation that might come with dry lips. Heat up some green tea to room temperature, then place the tea bags over your lips. Let the residue moisture sit on your lips for 10 minutes then wipe off with a damp tissue or damp face towel.

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