The superwoman myth and how it's affects women

   Women are taught that we are superwomen capable of doing so many things at the same times and not complaining and society does not hold back in trying to beat us into becoming this superwoman.
But the truth is, many wives and mothers and girls don’t want to be superwomen, they just want to exist as humans, doing their best without society forcing them into doing things they don’t want to do.
Maybe you enjoy cooking or cleaning or doing the laundry and that is cool, but you have to admit it is really tough combining all these things and doing it without taking a break every day, with little or no time to rest or take care of yourself.
Women need help too. We don’t always want to cook every day. We don’t always want to do the laundry every day; we don’t always want to do ten things at the same time. And we need to let the world know that we are tired of being superwomen.
Stress is a killer and it has caused a lot of injury to superwomen. We need to teach society how to treat us. 
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