Klopp: Salah is human and needs time – now he is 100 per cent fit again

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes Mohamed Salah’s brilliant goalscoring exploits last season do not mean he is superhuman as even he needed time to recover from a gruelling campaign.
The Reds boss believes the Egypt international is finally back to full fitness, which he hopes will signal a return to the calmness in opposition penalty areas which brought 42 goals last season.
Salah played in the World Cup still hampered by a shoulder injury which forced him off in the Champions League final a few weeks before and it meant he did not have sufficient time off before the restart of the Premier League.
Klopp said it had taken time for Salah’s body to readjust, but he now sees a forward back to peak fitness.
“It is all good. Even Mo Salah is a human being and he needed time. Everything is fine. The body is back, 100 per cent, and his physical things he can rely on,” said the German.
“Mo played a World Cup being 94 or 95 per cent fit because of the shoulder. He then had two, three weeks off. That is actually nothing.
“The first three weeks of holiday for a football player after such an intense season you do not even feel rest.
“Then the pre-season starts again and for the first time in his life it was clear that after scoring more than 40 goals (the question was), ‘How do we deal with that?’.
“Obviously you (the media) struggled a bit with that. Will he score 40 goals again? As a human being how can he be convinced 100 per cent that he scores again 40 goals?
“Is it even important to score 40 goals again? Of course not.
“The only thing was his body needed time to adapt. Still a world-class player, still a threat in a game, but in the scoring situations not the same calmness, coolness.
“Since before the last international break it was completely obvious in each session it clicked again. He’s there.
“If you are in doubt easily then it could affect you, but not for one second was he in doubt and I was not in doubt. Nobody here was in doubt actually.”
Salah has scored nine in 18 appearances this season, with six in his last seven. At the same stage 12 months ago he had 14 goals, with eight in his last seven matches.
Considering the physical restrictions Klopp believes he has been operating on, that is not a bad return and comes at the perfect time with a crucial Champions League match against Paris St German in the French capital.

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