Five Relationship Resolutions Every Couple Should Make In 2019

It’s not just enough to  tell your partner you love them! Pick one (or more!) of these expert relationship resolutions to make 2019 the year you make your relationship a smooth and interesting one with happy ending and all.
Remember To Have Fun!
Couples are told to spend time together, but it’s more important that their time together is positive. Having fun together results in a closeness that keeps couples feeling more connected, both emotionally and physically. So this year, spend time with your partner doing things that will make you laugh.
Question Your Feelings Before Airing Them
When you get upset, before you lash out first, ask yourself why? What is it about the situation that upsets you so much? Us there a relationship between what is happening and your past? The same applies for your partner.
Think ‘they are having a strong reaction. What is that really about?’ If you can stay curious, you can avoid getting defensive and fighting. Look for clues to help you better understand and respond.
Avoid The Trap Of Saying ‘No’
In 2019, one of the resolutions that can ensure that you enjoy your relationship is to resolve that you will do what your partner prefers unless you have a strong objection to doing it.
This is important because it makes your partner feel heard and that you recognise that their inputs matter. If you’re not sure, ask yourself: ‘Is this something worth getting into an argument about?’ Because very few things are.”
Be A Partner, Not A Player
Resolve that you will focus on what is best for the both of you and not just what is best for you, individually. This is important because a solid relationship requires putting the needs of the both of you first whenever possible, compromising solutions to problems, and keeping communication flowing.
Avoid Turning A Molehill Into A Mountain
This year, you and your partner should resolve to avoid allowing the little problems grow into big ones. Little things can become big things if you fail to address them head on. So, be honest with your partner if they have upset you. Tell them what they have done, why it upset you, and come up with a solution together.