Building your own self

If you are going to spend your whole life waiting for someone to fix you up and put you on the path to achieve your dreams, you might as well wait forever.
Sometimes, life requires you to pick on your own fallen pieces and place it where it belongs, no matter how out of place it looks.
Gone are the days where women waited on a castle for princes to come on white horses and sweep them off their feet and build up their lives.
Yes, building yourself up is not an easy task as it requires a lot of work and you might fail so many times and get discouraged. But failure means that you are alive and you are trying and that takes a lot of courage.
Yes, some women have it easy with the right connections and social background. But you are not some women, you are not the daughter of the richest man in Africa and that’s fine; that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.
Success takes a lot of work. And yes, you need a strong supportive network but there is no guarantee you will get that. In most cases, the people that you expect to support you are the ones who will not.

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