5 Things You Should Avoid Doing On An Airplane

The airplane is adjudged the safest means of travel but it can actually become an annoying place, especially if you consider the hundreds of passengers you have to share space with. Here are five things that will help make your time worthwhile on an airplane.
1.Don’t Neglect Your Morning Skin Care
Just because you’ll be inside doesn’t mean you can skip sunblock. A particular small study found that pilots flying for an hour got the same amount of radiation as if they had spent 20 minutes in a tanning bed.
You may also want to stay moisturized to prevent parched and itchy skin—an airplane’s pressurized air is notoriously dry.
2.Don’t Fall Asleep Before Takeoff
If you do, it will be harder for you to equalize the pressure in your ears (which you’ll do more quickly if you chew gum or yawn). If you’re prone to flight-induced headaches, hold off on your sleep until your ears pop.
3.Don’t Fall Asleep Against The Window
If you consider the fact that you are not the only one that has had their head pressed against that wall, breathed, sneezed or coughed against that glass you doze off against while your head’s in the clouds, you may want to steer clear of it.
Some people carry Lysol wipes with them to wipe the area around their seat, but if you were ever able to know the germs around that area, you will be left petrified. The rule of thumb is to never put your hands in your mouth or near your day till you have them washed.
4.Don’t Wear Shorts
If you can help it, try to wear clothing that covers skin that could touch your seat. Like other parts of the airplane, the seats aren’t cleaned between flights and could be places where germs hide. It is safe to assume that most surfaces in an airplane are probably no cleaner than, and in most cases not as clean, as any other similar public space simply because they’re not cleaned as often and people are in very tight quarters.
5.Don’t Be Shy To Tell A Flight Attendant You’re Feeling Sick
Never think your health and safety is an inconvenience to what may seem like an already stressed flight crew. Flight attendants are trained to help with medical emergencies, even learning how to properly handle a childbirth before becoming certified.
Flight attendants are completely trained for a lot of emergencies and if you’re not feeling well, let them know. You don’t want to be sick on a plane—that’s the worst.