4 Ways to make your coffee habit healthier

  Studies have proven that not only does coffee gives your body a caffeine boost, it’s health-giving antioxidants also reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 
For coffee drinkers, obviously, this is great news. However, the additives and extra toppings added to coffee gotten at coffee shops make your regular cup of coffee less than a healthy drink. Therefore, to ensure you get all the health benefits of drinking coffee, check out these ways to make certain your cup of morning coffee is a healthy one.
1.Use organic sweetenersYour morning cup of coffee can be more than a caffeine + sugar boost when you pass on artificial sweeteners and embrace the use of organic sweeteners like organic honey or coconut sugar. You get your sugar boost alright but in a healthier dose.
2.Cut back on dairyPlant-based options like soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, or almond milk should be the thing for you if you want to skimp on sugar and extra calories. These milk alternatives have lesser calories than dairy products, you wouldn’t be having digestive issues with them also.
3.Go for organic coffeeOrganic coffee steps up your caffeine fix an extra notch up the health meter. Asides from being free from additives and chemicals, it also has a bolder flavor.
4.Brew your own cup
This way you can take charge of what goes into your cup of coffee and also control portions. Preparing your own cup of coffee enables you to opt for healthier drinking options like replacing your regular flavored syrup for cinnamon or honey.

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