4 Tips to control your body and keep you fit

   Control your body like a pro by checking out these cheat sheet of body hacks bound to make your life easier!

Cold water as a chill pillIf you’re experiencing conflicting emotions like anger, frustration, or you just feel your emotions are getting way out of control, simply put or run your hands under ice cold water or splash your face with cold water. This gives you a refreshing feel and also enables your body to use oxygen efficiently. 
Regulate your heartbeat
An intense workout or stress could get your heart rate upbeat. A simple way to fix it back to normal is exhaling through closed airways; do this by pinching your nose and lips closed, now try to breathe out through your closed mouth. 
Another effective way of slowing down your racing heartbeat is by blowing gently on your thumb.
Touch the Spirit Gate to alleviate anxiety
There’s a spot on your arm called the ‘Spirit Gate’, locate it by turning your palm side up and looking out for the tendon coming into the base of your little finger. Press down the soft spot on the inside of the tendon with your index finger then slowly inhale and exhale deeply. 
This hack is especially effective in curing a nervous breakdown, worry, and anxiety, even stress.
Halt a brain freeze
You can prevent a brain freeze from occurring after taking a very chilled drink. All you need to do is cover the roof of your mouth with your tongue, this keeps the area warm and there’s no chance of your body triggering any response to your brain that could cause your head to hurt.
Other simple but effective body hacks you could try out are:
Scratching your ear to get rid of a throat itch.
Cough while getting a shot at the clinic to ease the pain.
Sleep on your left side after eating to prevent acid reflux.
Plant your hands on something stable to stop your head from spinning after taking alcohol.

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