3 Solutions for sweaty boobs

Boob sweat isn’t usually an indication of an underlying health condition; it is totally normal. But because it is normal doesn’t make the discomfort or skin irritation that comes with it any better. Boob sweat is what most women experience at some point, women having larger breasts, however, get the brunt of it.
Continue reading to discover ways of solving your boob sweat issues by making use of simple products you have at home.

Ditch synthetic, embrace cotton

Bras made with synthetic materials like polyester don’t allow free flow of air into your chest region, they trap heat and since these materials don’t ‘breathe’, sweat can’t evaporate. So it trickles down your boobs. This, you don’t get when you use bras made with cotton, this fabric is naturally breathable and also skin-friendly.

Wear loose dresses
Body-con dresses might emphasize your generous curves but they’ll also trap heat in your body, making you sweat furiously. Loose tops and shirts are the ultimate way to go if you’re aiming for a break from all that sweat.

Stuff it, mask it
Tuck some tissue paper under your breasts to catch the trickle of sweat before it stains your dress or causes discomfort. Then apply some baby powder or talcum powder in between and under your boobs to prevent chafing, boob rash, and irritation. Powdering your chest region has a soothing effect and provides relief from discomfort associated with boob sweat.

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