3 reasons why you might be gaining weight

A lot of women say, “I’m gaining so much weight and I’ve not even been eating so much”. They might not be eating a lot in reality, but the things that they do eat might be causing them to gain unwanted weight, especially in all the wrong places.

1. Drinking Soda
Soda contains a lot of calories from sugar, all of which are empty calories. That is, your body cannot make use of it. When it goes into your body, combined with the calories from the food you eat, your body will not make use of all of it, so, it will be stored as fat.

2. Late night food
When you eat late at night, especially if you sleep immediately afterward, your body is more likely to store all those calories as fat, than burn it up to produce energy. Think about it, what are you doing while you sleep that requires energy?

3. Eating a lot of junk food
In truth, you might not be eating too much, but if all you eat are junk foods when you do eat, you will gain weight. Substitute all the junk foods instead for healthy, wholesome meals.

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