Why economic independence is so important to you as a woman

    Economic independence can never be overemphasized for you as a woman. This is just not about having money, this is about having access to your own money- not just what is handed to you.
   A lot for women get stuck in unhappy and abusive relationships because they are financially dependent and the abusers use this to trap them into staying, especially when there are kids involved.
And when a woman is not financially independent, she will ask herself a lot of questions like 'where will I go from here?', 'who will take me in?', 'who will sponsor my kids’ education?' and such questions will stop her from leaving an unfavorable relationship.
In fact, a lot of abusive people tend to use financial dependence as a means to impose their abuse. When you take away financial independence from someone, you are crippling him in some ways because we all need money to survive.
You can’t travel without money, you can’t achieve your dreams without money, you can’t educate yourself without money; we all need money to survive.
As women, we should ask ourselves why we give other people so much power over us.