Ways to detox your eyebrows

It’s not all about having perfectly sculpted eyebrows but ensuring they are free from dirt, oil, and dandruff. 
Our eyebrows are much softer and have delicate follicles which make them more at risk of damage, damage caused by harsh products on the face, dirt, oil buildup, etc. These things clog up the brows follicle which leads to your eyebrows thinning out eventually.
  In order to achieve perfectly healthy and luscious eyebrows, what you need is a brow cleanse/detox. Check out these natural ways to keep your brow hairs and follicles healthy.
Coconut oil
Dab your eyebrows with extra-virgin coconut oil to cleanse the follicles and encourage eyebrow hair growth.
Make a salt solution in a glass of warm water and massage onto your eyebrows gently. Rinse the water away after 5-10 minutes. This mixture gives your eyebrows a thorough cleanse and keep your brow follicles free from dirt buildup.
Tweeze your eyebrows properly
Only tweeze your eyebrows when they get really bushy and when tweezing hold the skin around your eyebrows firmly to avoid scarring the delicate skin there.
In addition, there’s the need to ditch bad habits that could make your brow hair thin out like, exposure to harsh chemicals, pulling at your eyebrows, etc. Consistent use of any of these natural methods would not only cleanse your eyebrows thoroughly but also improve their appearance and growth.

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