Wasteful habits of wives that men hate

  Many of today’s men know that their wives can be wasteful. It never used to be like this. Our mothers’ generation were penny-pinchers and knew the value of being stingy. Not your average wife today.
Carol often drives you up the wall with her uncontrollable urge to buy anything she fancies. Many a time, you have quarrelled when she bought a completely useless piece of furniture that breaks soon as it gets into the house. Her particular obsession with glass stuff really gets on your nerves.
Then there is her makeup that may well be eating into 30 per cent of her income. She dons expensive wigs, or are they weaves? All you know is that she goes for human hair which she replaces as frequently as possible.
And then there is the ‘manicure and pedicure.’ Don’t you miss the days women would paint their nails on a Sunday afternoon and braids were the most expensive hairdos? Then there are the skin products she buys...Man, you wish the older a woman grows, the more she would accept herself...rather than fight age expensively. But you can allow her bodily indulgences.
There is the common belief that shopping is a therapeutic thing. Some women even say that when they are stressed, they will go shopping and it cures them. It is some piece of Hollywood garbage. Shopping doesn’t cure stress any more than alcohol does. Together with her girls, Carol is constantly shopping for clothes and other nonsensical stuff.

And then, there is something they call the baby shower. You get that giving birth is a big deal. You can even take moderately reasonable baby showers. But there are these over-the-top baby showers that get on your nerves.
A few weeks back, Carol and her friends went all the way to one of the most expensive resorts in Naivasha to have a baby shower. Reliably, you have learned that they spent so much money that some of them had to borrow money in order to fulfil the wishes of their selfish friend.
And need you even mention bridal showers and wedding-related spending. Here, women can splurge like there is no tomorrow. Why do women buy so much into advertising nonsense? Like this December, with the so many screaming offers everywhere, so many women are being duped into buying stuff they don’t need.
It is not just with buying and spending. Even in the home front, women can be careless. Water is always running from the tap. And the water bill is killing you. Lights are permanently on, even when there is enough daylight. You have quarrelled. You have shouted and even threatened people with violence but do these people listen?
You have asked your friends if their wives are as wasteful. And they all agree that they can be extremely wasteful. One used to give his wife money to buy food and she would go to make her hair. Now, he buys the food himself and lets the wife spend her salary on hair and makeup. Who can teach these young wives to stop being wasteful?

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