Three ways to style up your boyfriend jeans

There is no denying that fashion is going back in time to the vintage eras, and along the trip, a lot of styling and glamorous pieces are cropping up. One of them is the boyfriend jeans that probably got its name from its boyish cut. But, we assure you, there is absolutely nothing boyish about this gorgeous pair of pants when you wear them. They give length to your body, making you appear taller, and they accentuate your curves, without showing it off like a bodycon dress would, for example. If you don’t have a lot of curves to your name, they still make you look good.
Here are three styling options you should try with your boyfriend jeans;
1. Pants and boots
Cowboy looks are just too chic to pass on! Pair your boyfriend jeans with a pair of good boots and a turtleneck sweater, t-shirt, or whatever top you are comfortable with. You can decide to tuck your top in if you like.
2. Pants and sneakers
This pair of pants looks incredibly funky and stylish at the same time when paired with sneakers. Throw on a crop top, cardigan, t-shirt, or even a tank top and jacket and you’re good to go.
3. Heels
If you are going for a more feminine look, pair up your boyfriend jeans with a nice feminine jacket of any length, and a comfortable pair of heels. You can go from an informal interview ready to date ready in this outfit.
Oh, and don’t forget to roll up your pants!