The Biggest Social Media Mistakes Responsible For Damaging Relationships

   Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn…The ways through which we can connect with others on social media are limitless, but you shouldn’t let the life you live online impact your real life negatively. Here are a number of things you should stay away from.

Never Post Pictures of People Without Their Permission
People are extremely particular when it comes to sharing pictures on social media. You wouldn’t want a friend or family member to post a picture of you without your permission, so why do that to them?
While you may think posting the picture is not a big deal, the other person may disagree. Ask before you post, and especially before you add tags. It will help you avoid upsetting your loved ones.

Never Use Social Media When You’re Angry
Social media should never be used to bully others, and posting mean comments is something that you should never do; not just because it’s hurtful but because it drags your dirty laundry out into the open.
It is best you use social media as a tool to spread positivity. If you’re upset and you have the urge to post something that may come off as mean, put down your phone, computer, or tablet and blow off steam in another way.

Never Post On Impulse
You just came back from a party that had you feeling exhilarated, but posting a joyous selfie with your guests might not be the best idea because it can hurt the feelings of friends who weren’t invited.
Always be mindful of what you’re posting. Once you go live with a message, it’s out there forever. Before pressing “post,” consider whether your message could have a negative impact on your life or on others’ lives.

Never Mistake Social Media Contact For Real Human Contact
Talking to someone through social media is and will never be the same as talking face-to-face or even on the phone. Connecting with someone in-person is a lot more beneficial than only through, Instagram or Twitter.
You can start a relationship via social media, but there will come a point where you’ll want, and even need, physical human contact. After all, you can’t hold hands or hug someone through the computer.
We have a very difficult time noticing the effect social media is having on us, It’s a virtual connection that’s not real.

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