Simi apologizes for the disorder at her concert – Adekunle Gold cheers her up with love

   There was a disorder at Simi’s concert yesterday which saw fans criticizing her. Though she apologized, fans refused to see reasons with her. But everything changed the moment Adekunle Gold stepped in to speak for her. Simi had said;
“I’m sorry. I’m probably more upset than everyone. But I accept responsibility. There was a show here the night before and it took forever to clear out and set up. I didn’t even have time to sound check. I really apologize to all. That being said, I am so thankful to everyone that came there and stayed.” Showing her support was Adekunle Gold who wrote:
Last year, an hour before I hit the stage, I was informed that some of the most important stage lights blew out. I sat in my car backstage reading unkind tweets of irate bloggers and folks about how late I was. It was demoralizing and painful because we were ready and I was there. The thing is, things happen sometimes that the public doesn’t see.”
“Know this, we, your true fans know you were sorry. And before the clouds of those reviews set in, I would like to cover you in joy and celebration. You were beautiful, electrifying, and incredible tonight my darling. I am so proud of you. thank you for letting me share that stage with you. it will always be my honor. Forever in your army, fighting for you.”

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