Signs you and your BFF will be friends forever

It’s always surprising how people find their way into our lives and before you can say BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! They are out of your life and space. In life people come and go as they please, leaving you hanging. However, there are some people, real friends who stick like glue regardless.

Want to find out if your friendship will stand the test of time? Continue reading to find out.

1.You are almost family
If you’re going over to each other’s house and attending family events together has become a norm, with her parents treating you like a family member then the likelihood of your relationship ever breaking up is slim to none.
2.No secrets between you both
Every relationship strives for good communication and if you and your bestie practically know everything about each other, even to your darkest dirtiest secrets then you might just be BFF’s for a long long time. There will surely be days when you’re at each other’s throat but your practice of keeping nothing from each other would bring you back together in no time.
3.You don’t need to always be together
Friends hang out a lot, that’s a given. However, with you and your best friend, not hanging out 24/7 all week, due to either a busy schedule or long-distance doesn’t mean your friendship is headed for the rock. Rather you’re still comfortable spending time away from each other and your friendship bond is still going on strong.
4.You’ve been through hell together
It is often said that true friends are the ones who stick to you through thick and thin, that’s not far from the truth. You can always get to know someone who will stay by your side forever by their disposition when you are at your weakest or toughest moment in life.

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