Signs of unhappiness we often miss ( 1)

Most times, unhappiness is easy to spot in the long face, lack of enthusiasm and impatience but at times, it could be so concealed that you may not realize a loved one is unhappy. Other times, you may be the unhappy one but then you are in such denial that you don’t discover it.
Unhappiness can wear several camouflages but we are about to blow its cover. Take in a deep breath and take this step with me. 
1. Fear
A good dose of fear is essential to keep us from taking the wrong path but when you are always scared of taking risks and have managed to convince yourself all the time that only bad things will happen to you, you are definitely not living your life to the fullest.
2. Anger
I don’t mean the type that erupts like a volcano. I am referring to the low, simmering type that manifests as snippets and caustic sarcasm. 
3. Insecurity
This is often characterized by self-doubts and low self-esteem. A person who lacks the confidence to express herself is most likely suffering from bouts of unhappiness. 
4. Indifference
This is probably the most painful sign of unhappiness. Seeing someone you love have no interest in anything or make an effort towards achieving stuff is an obvious sign that the person is unhappy. It is just a defense to avoid getting disappointed.
5. Substance abuse
Well, this is obvious so when you start noting the signs of substance abuse then the person may be crying for help because they are terribly unhappy.
6. Busyness
This has to be one of the most deceptive signs. You assume that someone is just a go-getter when in reality they are trying to fill the void. They keep chasing and chasing, never satisfied.
I have a few more signs lined up in another post. 

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