Signs of unhappiness we often miss (2)

Unhappiness is supposed to be an obvious thing but it isn’t all the time. This post is to help you recognize the signs in loved ones or yourself so that help can be administered.
7. Bodily issues
Our emotions are deeply connected to our bodies, more than we will ever know. Anything that bothers you emotionally can take a toll on your body through aches or unprecedented weight gain. So if there is something happening to your body without medical cause, it is possibly tied to your emotions.
8. Irritability
This is when a person snaps easily or almost always in a foul mood. The smallest things can set the person off.
9. Jealousy
This may surprise you but most of the people who are envious are most likely really upset with their own progress so seeing someone else do better is a cause for lashing out in the form of jealousy.
10. Preference for isolation
Unhappy people tend to refuse to connect with anyone. They cancel plans with other people, giving various ‘legit’ excuses when in truth they are just unhappy.
11. Expectant but not making moves
Unhappy people can also complain about everything going on in their lives but they don’t make moves to do anything about it. This is beyond lack of motivation; it is more like the unhappiness has blinded them from seeing what can be done.
12. Being judgmental
A person who is overly critical of others is most likely just as critical of herself, if not more so. Thus, being judgmental can be a sign of unhappiness.
We have looked at the subtle signs of unhappiness but what is true happiness? It is simply that moment when you are fulfilled and able to positively cope with all that life throws at you. Reach for it!

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