Science confirms pregnancy can be contagious-how?

   Scientists have in a recent study come to the conclusion that pregnancy can be contagious after all. All our life, we believed that pregnancy is the only health condition that couldn’t possibly jump you without notice.
Pregnancy is now something quite contagious. But how?!
   According to the study which was carried out by some researchers in the early 2000s, it was discovered that because humans tend to act in accordance to their environment and inter-personal interactions which end up influencing their every decision. 
   Thousands of women were surveyed and the most amazing discovery was made! Women whose friends were pregnant became fertile in no time and they also conceived; half of the women who were tested testified to the fact that they were spurred on by their ‘friendship’ with pregnant women who were their intimate buddies.
As mentioned earlier, our environment affects our interaction with others and also extends towards our feelings. Therefore, it only makes sense that seeing a pregnant friend triggers positive emotions within a woman and ignites her subconscious to dwell on fertility and conception.
Asides from a woman’s body reacting to the environment she’s in (which is her friend’s pregnant state at the moment), her competitive spirit is on overdrive and unconsciously she strives not to be left behind by being a mother too! 
If she hasn’t been confident about being able to raise up her own kids, seeing her friend do so effortlessly will spur her on!
So dear, it’s not really about pregnancy jumping on you like a virus, but you developing the right feelings to make you want to get pregnant! Your body reacts to this and your fertility count is triggered; the sexual drive is on overdrive and after a quick tumble in the sack, you find yourself pregnant!

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