Keys to enjoying being you (ii)

This is a continuation of Keys to enjoying being you (i)  earlier thought on how
to accept yourself even if you think you are not a rock star.
You ready for the remaining tips?

7. Choose the right company
The people you spend time will affect how you see yourself. This is why you should be with people
who make you feel comfortable, that you don't feel the pressure to please.

8. Work on yourself, a step at a time
In the previous post,
I talked about being proactive. However, the changes you implement should be
gradual. You shouldn't take drastic steps that will leave you doubting yourself
all the more. Start small with stuff, like the time you wake up.

9. Use affirmations
There is power in the tongue. You may not believe the
positive things you tell yourself at first but with time, your subconscious
will come to accept them if you keep at it and it will shape how you see

10. Know your core values
I have written about this before. Your values are the compass
that determines your actions. Ask yourself what your principles are by deciding
on issues or ideas you can never compromise on. For example, you esteem family so
don't do anything that will compromise that. This is part of the journey to self-discovery.

11. Let go of the past
Someone may have hurt you before or you may have messed
really badly in the past but now it is time to look to the future by working on
today. Forgive wrongs. Forgive yourself.

12. Look to the future
Part of accepting yourself is knowing where you are headed.
Ask yourself where you would like to be in a few years. The answer to that
gives you purpose and makes you feel more comfortable with who you are.

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