How to tell if you are dating a weak man

    Every lady wants a strong man. By strength, I am definitely not talking about someone who can haul you over his shoulder without flinching or run up a flight of stairs with 2 bags of cement.
A woman will always seek a man who stands up for himself mentally and emotionally; who won’t force her to carry the weight of the relationship alone. She does not want a man-child that she would have nurture or is incapable of supporting her emotionally. However, how do you tell if your man is weak?
1. He waits for you to save the day
He may not say it but it is like he is always expecting you to swoop in and clean up after him literally. When he is faced with a challenge, he hardly ever knows how to extricate himself. It may get so bad that you have to pay his bills.
2. He gets into trouble
If he does not owe someone, he is drunk or getting into some form of trouble at work. To put it simply: he cannot handle being an adult.
3. He never takes responsibility
When he does something wrong, he does not own up to it. In the end, you look like a nag.
4. He doesn’t stand up from you
You can hardly ever count on him to have your back when you are in a jam or when someone is bad-mouthing you.
5. He shies away from talking about the future
He doesn’t bring up future plans for his life or even your relationship. When you do, a fight either breaks out or he evades the conversation.
6. He is shallow
You seldom have deep conversations. You usually revolve around mundane stuff.
7. You think for both of you
You are like his mother. You make the plans all by yourself, for the future and even everyday decisions.

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