How to tell if you are compatible (i)

It is one thing for your hormones to go into overdrive and tell you that you two are perfect for each other and it is another thing for you two to actually be perfect for each other.
If you are worried about this then check these signs of compatibility out.
1. You just flow
You two have chemistry and have a way of clicking every time. You don't feel pressured to fill in silences and you intuitively know (to an extent) what the other needs. Without so much effort, your lifestyles and outlook on life match.
2. You're physically attracted to each other
This is not about having sex but simply finding each other attractive (attraction does not mean you have to act on it). The point is that he does not turn you off or make you feel like you could do better.
3. Your values match
Your value system determines your boundaries and belief system. Most times, it is shaped by religious beliefs, environment, and upbringing. These have to match at a basic level.
4. You communicate
You two are not just about whiling away time. Some people just have a lot of sex and call it a relationship but true compatibility goes beyond that. You should be able to express yourselves freely.
5. You fight but constructively
Two people can't be together devoid of misunderstandings but they shouldn't be petty (should have a definite cause) and should be resolved amicably without descending to insults or violence.
I bet I have whetted your appetite. There are more but I will share them in another post.

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