How to quit attracting the wrong guys

There are some of us who have noticed that the kind of people we attract are the wrong ones for us-perhaps your values aren't the same (e.g different religion, wants pre-marital sex, etc.), they are irresponsible, they always cheat, etc.
It is good to look inward so you'll stop attracting the wrong people.
1. Change your appearance
Most times, men are attracted by what they see. If the wrong type of men keeps coming around then you are presenting yourself in a certain way. Lose the tight, over-colourful, revealing dresses. Go for a mature wardrobe.
2. Be elegant
No guy wants to date a girl who acts like an area girl. It is not about being fake. Be yourself but collected while at it and less dramatic in your approach to life.
3.  Be confident
A self-assured woman attracts mature, responsible men. Most small-minded men would go for someone with low self-esteem who they can treat like dirt so work on yourself till you are really a confident person. You are a queen; act like it.
4. Set standards
It is not every Tom,  Dick, and Harry that approaches you that you should say yes to. In fact, some people should not have the liver to talk to you. It is not about being intimidating but having standards. The man you go for should be one who matches your values, anything less is not good enough.
5. Use social media wisely
No guy wants a girl who posts all of her business online or pictures of near-nudity that garner 500 likes. You may think it is sexy but it's just tacky. Also, if you need to vent about a stuff, use a diary not social media.
6. Don't look for love
I have said before that love happens to you; you don't look for it. Instead, you should concentrate on building yourself and ultimately when it happens, you will be glad you spent time acquiring value.

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