How to pose for pictures and slay

With the growing number of social platforms out there, the need to take beautiful pictures is an absolute necessity in order to represent your online presence well and also avoid being caught looking horrible in photos! So what do you do to look your pretty self in photos? Simple, you only need to learn the fine art of striking a pose.
Angle your face
Tilt your chin a little bit upward and keep your face angled so you don’t face the camera directly. If you’ve ever wondered why passports photographs aren’t always flattering, it is a result of the fact that direct head-on shots usually tend to make your face appear wider and larger than normal. So, next time you’re trying to take a selfie or portrait, ensure you keep that tilting thing going and you look just above your natural line of sight.

Twist your body and position your arms
Get the perfect shot with your body slightly turned away from the camera, your arm planted on your hip then place one foot directly in front of the other. This hand on hip trick plus the position of your feet not only makes you look good on camera, but it also accentuates your curves.

Keep your smile natural
If you’ll be smiling for the camera, then it is important that you ensure your smile is as natural as possible. A forced smile doesn’t flatter your facial features because it makes your face tense up, so it’s better you relax your face then flash your natural smile for the cam.

Loosen up
Taking great shots require you to be as natural as possible and confident in your own skin, ’cause the camera is bound to hone on your tiniest glitch.  So practice good posture, have fun while posing for the camera and express your personal allure with each click of the cam.

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