How to please your wife in little ways (i)

We all know how the saying goes: 'happy wife, happy life'.
It is possible for you two to be blissfully in love and largely happy yet there are simple ways you can heighten that happiness in your home by paying better attention to your wife. 
1. Flaunt her on social media 
You two may be private people or you assume that you are too 'mature' for that but it doesn't hurt to post a picture of her and attach a sweet caption occasionally. Even the most grounded woman would appreciate this. 
2. Make her your screensaver
You remember that ridiculous song, 'Let me make you my screen saver... I will give you a ring oh... '. Take the song to heart and do same, though you have already given her the ring. 
3. Pay compliments
If she looks exceptionally good, don't assume she already knows that or keep shut because everyone else has said it. Your opinion counts. 
4. Pay random compliments
You don't have to wait until she looks fabulous. Just learn to say nice things to her out of the blue. 
5. Help around the home
Any lady would be happy to the moon about this, especially when you take the initiative to do something rather than wait to be asked. 
6. Make big deals out of little things 
Anything she does well should be applauded, no matter how 'little' the accomplishment. Celebrate it in any way you can. 
7. Send random texts 
Oh, the beauty of this! Let her know you are thinking about her, though you will see her when you get home. 
8. Say nice things to her
Brag about her both in her presence and absence. 
These are pretty simple, yeah? I'll show you more. 

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