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How to make the most out of your leisure time

When I am super busy, I keep telling myself that I have so many things I would like to do once I have ‘me’ time. However, once I get the chance to relax, I suddenly can’t figure out what to do with myself. Often, I end up wasting the precious time, regretting the wasted time until I get busy again then the cycle resumes.
Happens to you too? These tips will definitely help in making the best use of your ‘me’ time rather than just spending it in front of a screen.
1. Write it all down
As the things you would like to do come rushing, write them down. This helps you organize your thoughts and ensures you remember them.
2. Learn to put your foot down
When someone else is trying to take your attention from your list, learn how to simply say ‘no’. They may be friends and family but make them understand that you need the time for yourself.
3. Prioritize
Your ability to prioritize makes putting your foot down much easier. This is ‘me’ time so what is most important are all the things you set out to accomplish for yourself, even if it is just to polish your nails.
4. Get an early start
The instinct is to sleep in on a free day but if you have a lot to do e.g. going to the market, cooking soup, getting your hair done etc. then it is best to get an early start. You will get more done and have time to relax later.
5. Indulge
It is possible you don't have much to accomplish so do whatever you want or try something new. Just make sure you are relaxing.  
6. Block out draining thoughts
As you are having fun, worries or guilt that you’re 'whiling away time' could gnaw at you. Don't dwell on them; you deserve to be pampered.

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